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The museum has two sections where archaeological and ethnographical arts are exhibited and it was opened for visitors in 1967. An increasing number of artefacts found in the region required the establishment of new museum facilities, and the Archaeological Museum was taken into operation. For the opening of the museum, works of art from Ancient Bronze, Urartu, Frygian and Lydia Periods were brought from the Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilisations for exhibition. The inscription dating from 625 B.C. discovered around Alanya with writing in the Phoenician language is one of the oldest artefacts and is exhibited here.

Besides, remains from Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods, made of bronze, marble, earthenware, glass and mosaics and inscriptions in the Karamanlica language and coins from Classical(B.C. 7-5th century), Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuki, Ottoman and Republic Times are also exhibited here in a separate section.
In the ethnographical section, Turkish-Islamic artefacts and others delivered by Directorate of Primary Education and collected in the surrounding region and reflecting features of the times, yörük rugs, red sacks, daily utensil containers, jewellery, manuscripts and writing tools are exhibited in a room arranged in the form of an Alanya house. Furthermore, the stone carvings and mosaics exhibition from Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Times are exhibited in the yard of the museum.



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Humidity: 97%
Wind: SE at 16.16 K/H
7.2°C / 20°C
7.2°C / 18.9°C
7.2°C / 18.3°C

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