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The total length of the cave is 1580 meters. Except a descent of 30 meters at the end part, the entire cave is horizontal. There is a transition between continental and Mediterranean climate in the area. The highest temperature was measured with 36,5 °C and the lowest temperature with -18,4 °C. Water flows in the cave formed limestone formations; water leaks on the ceiling and the walls formed splendid travertine, stalactite and stalagmite. The big area at the end of the cave was entirely developed by the main fault and embeds a lake.

It is a cave of upper fossil system. The lower sinkhole, accumulating the water of the cave, is morphologically a continuation of the Tınaztepe Cave. Water leaking through the cracks on the ceiling, formed small lakes. The lake at the end of the cave is of bigger size.

Especially in the spring season, when the water level of brooks and streams increases by melting snow and raid, waterfalls and pools are formed before the water reaches the lowest cave.

According to recent studies, the Tınaztepe Cave was formed in a long period of 230 millions of years. At some points in the cave, the distance between floor and ceiling can be as high as 65 meters.


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