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Seleukeia is near the Bucak Şıhlar Village , 12 km. North, East of Manavgat. It is one of nine cities named after Seleukos Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great in the 3 rd cent B.C. The strong city walls and good strategical position suggest that it was founded here to protect the coastal cities against the attacks from the north. Side was the nearest and the closest commercial partner of Seleukeia.
The Archaeological findings reflect the Roman art greatly. The city was still important during the Byzantine period but it was completely destroyed by the Arabs in the 7 th cent A.D. it was only a nomadic settlement afterwards. Together with the water dams near by the ancient city Seleukeia can be great jeep safari sign for the holiday makers in Side. The 5 m high city gate in the 9 m. high city walls welcome the visitors into the well, preserved forum. This shopping center was surrounded by shops behind the Doric portico's on four Sides. The two great Hellenistic mosaics discovered during the surface research and excavations in1970's are displayed in Antalya Museum. In the Southern corner of the forum, the small building with six rows of seats was either an Odeon (music hall) or a bouleuerion (the town hall). The are the ruins of a small Byzantine church in the much older temple lie about 25 m. North of the Forum. Kapollo is thought to be the chief deity of the city in antiquity. A bronz Apollo statuette found in this area is now exhibited in Antalya Museum.




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Humidity: 97%
Wind: SE at 16.16 K/H
7.2°C / 20°C
7.2°C / 18.9°C
7.2°C / 18.3°C

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